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25.01.2013  Novokuznetsk
Novokuznetsk Volunteering Program Has a Great Start to 2013!
Untitled Photo The Novokuznetsk Tvoy Kurs Center have analyzed the results of their volunteer groups work in 2012 and were very pleasantly surprised - their volunteers had managed to raise their work to a new record level! Around 5,000 people had taken part in activities organized and conducted by volunteers, with more than 200 people trained by them in the Digital Literacy course.
24.01.2013  Volgograd
Advanced provincials
Untitled Photo Advanced provincials - it’s how jokingly the villagers of Uryupinsk municipal district of the Volgograd region trained in DL call themselves. Men and women, young and not very young, educated and not educated - all social groups’ representatives of the village are involved in modern computer technology training.
16.01.2013  Ulyanovsk
High School Students and Senior Citizens Become Friends through Tvoy Kurs
Untitled Photo With the help of students from Dimitrovgrad Comprehensive High School, Anatoliy Mamon not only acquired good computer skills but also began using them to help his ailing wife not to lose heart, teaching her how to use modern information technologies.
14.01.2013  Berdsk
Learning is Never Too Late
Untitled Photo Vyacheslav Terzov from Berdsk,Novosibirsk area, decided to learn computer technologies to get new opportunities for communication, typing and editing. His friends helped him choose a computer, printer, and scanner. About Tvoy Kurs training center he heard from a TV Program of a local TV channel.
01.12.2012  Gubakha
It’s Never Too Late to Learn! Gubakha
Untitled Photo
Any professional at any age will only benefit from acquiring good computer skills. Fifty-seven-year old kindergarten teacher Nina Shilkova from the town of Gubakha, Perm region, completed the Tvoy Kurs training course in April 2012. “It is imperative that we, preschool workers, get the hang of new ICTs,” says the alumna. “We must meet the standards of modern education and know how to use computer technologies in our daily work.”

28.11.2012  Krasnoufimsk
An Automotive Diagnostic Specialist from Krasnoufimsk Launches his Own Newspaper
Untitled Photo
Rinat Zaripov, a young automotive diagnostic specialist from Krasnoufimsk, the Urals area, has launched AutoAnalyst, his own newspaper for local drivers. He first thought of it in 2007, when he had his own business selling used spare parts for vehicles. His first attempt failed for lack of experience and eSkills; in the end, intense competition and large debts compelled him to sell the business. But Rinat never gave up and has now made a new start after completing a Tvoy Kurs training course at the Paluba ICT Center.

25.11.2012  Tambov
How Tvoy Kurs helped to find a job and make a family
One of the participants who came to Tvoy Kurs center in Tambov to acquire computer skills found not only a job, but also … a husband!

24.10.2012  Novokuznetsk
Is There Life After Retirement?
Untitled Photo

Every trainer at the Novokuznetsk Tvoy Kurs Center is unique, but this story is about Nelly Reznik, who, however advanced in years, is yet as young as they come in spirit and vigor. She is highly educated, brilliantly talented and striking-looking. According to the Tvoy Kurs Center coordinator Svetlana Lebedeva, “Nelly’s course in basics of Digital Literacy takes trainees into a whole new realm full of mystery and enchantment, because she is not just teaching, but guiding, initiating novices into the big and beautiful virtual world. For two hours her trainees become actors in an exciting drama of discovery, gaining knowledge and skills with amazing facility.”

14.10.2012  Novokuznetsk
Visit to a city of dreams.
Untitled Photo Each of us has a place on the globe which he dreams to visit. Alexander Tretiakov, a volunteer from the Novokuznetsk training center, also had such a place in mind and his dream came true thanks to Tvoy Kurs project.
18.07.2012  Tambov
A New Mother and a Tvoy Kurs Trainer-Volunteer
Untitled Photo A 27-year-old new mother Varvara Zakharova, after taking the Digital Literacy training at the Tambov Tvoy Kurs Center, decided to become a volunteer trainer herself. She has successfully trained two elederly women how to use computers and is not going to stop at what has been accomplished. By the end of the summer she is planning to have trained six more senior neigbors and after that - all willing seniors in her apartment building.

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