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25.09.2010 Krasnoyarsk
Institute of Information Technologies
Through Microsoft Access to Fully Automated Processes

At a very early age Sergei Vashlayev from Krasnoyarsk faced a very grim and uncertain future of full disability, but decided to fight the disease and prevailed. Sergei tried his hand at various professions but his job search was made more difficult both by his health limitations and by the economic recession. Still, he refused to let circumstances rule his life and didn’t want to settle for a low-paid menial job that wouldn’t give him any satisfaction. After a long and arduous training with a teacher he had found himself, Sergei became a very skilled woodworker, known for his original designs and trimmings. He started his own business, taking orders from people, and quickly understood that the paperwork had to be automated. He also decided to take his craft to a wider audience through his personal website.

Sergei Vashlayev had computer competence of a beginner user and saw that for his goals he would need more advanced ICT skills. So when the municipal social security department referred him to the Digital Literacy Center, Sergei was very excited and full of hopes. Nor was he disappointed in his expectations, since the Digital Literacy training helped him discover Microsoft Access which he had always wanted to master. The trainer showed him some of the application’s subtleties and better ways of working with databases. ‘Now I can put my entire client database and orders in Microsoft Access and make the process much more efficient,” says Sergei with excitement, “because even MS Excel didn’t offer me enough functions to do what I wanted to do.” His ambition has always been to take into account his clients’ psychological profiles by using the questionnaire they fill out when they place their orders. This required creating a very complicated database which until recently seemed all but impossible. Now Sergei has created a pilot version of the new database with a special questionnaire form in MS Access and asked some of the clients he already knows to help him test-run it.

In the course of his Digital Literacy training, Sergei was also introduced to many online resources and new software applications which helped him understand what he wanted to see on his personal website. “I’ve decided not to try and create the website on my own, but I had the language and understanding to clearly explain to professional web designers what it is that I want,” says Sergei. “Now my website is almost ready; it should be launched literally within a few days.” Equipped with new knowledge and skills, the talented woodworker hopes that his new website will help him promote his crafts throughout the city and beyond, and many customers will be able to place orders for his work online.

Sergei’s achievements show that the Digital Literacy course helped him to become a truly advanced PC user and, more importantly, to gain fresh motivation and self-confidence in the area of ICT technologies, ensuring his further growth and self-improvement.
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