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24.10.2012 Novokuznetsk
Novokuznetsk Central City Library named in honor of Gogol
Is There Life After Retirement?

Every trainer at the Novokuznetsk Tvoy Kurs Center is unique, but this story is about Nelly Reznik, who, however advanced in years, is yet as young as they come in spirit and vigor. She is highly educated, brilliantly talented and striking-looking. According to the Tvoy Kurs Center coordinator Svetlana Lebedeva, “Nelly’s course in basics of Digital Literacy takes trainees into a whole new realm full of mystery and enchantment, because she is not just teaching, but guiding, initiating novices into the big and beautiful virtual world. For two hours her trainees become actors in an exciting drama of discovery, gaining knowledge and skills with amazing facility.”

Svetlana Lebedeva recalls that when she was just starting out at the Tvoy Kurs Center, she had no idea that Nelly Reznik was retired: so young and active she looked, so competent she was in using the computer, scoring 100% in her Digital Literacy Certificate Test. Recently all the trainers of the Novokuznetsk Tvoy Kurs Center were asked to share their own history with Tvoy Kurs, and here is the short essay “Is There Life after Retirement?” written and presented by Nelly Reznik:

“I saw my life as a hamster wheel, going faster and faster as I kept increasing the pace. But one day the wheel came to an abrupt stop: it was time to retire. In my mature years I finally discovered time, which I had always seemed to lack in my youth. Suddenly there was freedom – my own freedom from other people, and their freedom from me. It was a strange sensation, but soon, as someone with a reputation for being a mover and a shaker, I was invited to do some office work for the miners’ Veterans City Council. At that point I knew how to type, but had no computer skills whatsoever. My coworkers gave me a few lessons, and slowly and painstakingly I started typing texts, creating documents and making tables. I felt the need for eSkills training very acutely, so when the Chair of the Veterans Council offered me a chance to take a digital literacy course, I was more than enthusiastic.”

“I learned with great joy and great diligence. The atmosphere in the program was very congenial, and the trainer knew what she was doing, so I quickly got the hang of things. A few months later I landed a job of a senior librarian with N. Gogol municipal library. The new job included giving regular lectures and presentations, so my PowerPoint skills came in handy. Then I attended a seminar in ProShow Producer and immediately fell in love with the application, using it everywhere I could. At the same time I mastered the intricacies of Microsoft Word, learning about creative formatting of texts.”

“Finally, I felt that, with sufficient eSkills competence and more than ten years of teaching, I could become a trainer myself and help others acquire digital skills. The Tvoy Kurs Center gave me just such an opportunity, so now, for more than a year, I’ve been training others in Digital Literacy, holding seminars and participating in various Tvoy Kurs campaigns. Of course, I try to keep up with the constant upgrades in applications and operating systems, so my own learning never stops. To date, I have trained more than 100 people and even created a video about my students. I hope that I will continue living, working, and contributing to people’s growth and learning for a good many years, despite the retirement – or, maybe, because of it!”
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