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14.10.2012 Novokuznetsk
Novokuznetsk Central City Library named in honor of Gogol
Visit to a city of dreams.

Everyone has a place on the globe which he dreams to visit. Alexander Tretiakov, a volunteer from the Novokuznetsk training center, also had such a place in mind and his dream came true thanks to Tvoy Kurs project.
Alexander was the first volunteer of the Tvoy Kurs center and it was him who initiated the volunteer movement. Sasha was 16 when he began volunteering and he was the youngest among the volunteers. During his school years Sasha successfully completed computer literacy course at Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics. Later as a volunteer Sasha assisted the trainers during the Digital Literacy courses thus gaining the practical teaching skills. Now Alexander is among few young volunteers who conduct DL training without any assistance. Initially, the center employees doubted if an under-age young man can cope with all responsibilities of a trainer and he did it very well. By now Sasha taught 30 citizens and another group of 20 trainees is completing the course in November. The participants trained by Sasha unanimously say “Sasha is a very responsive and patient trainer; he can make a complicated material simple.” Svetlana Lebedeva, coordinator of the Novokuznetsk center notes: “To tell you the truth our babushki are ready to carry him on their hands. Sasha is a very responsible trainer who diligently performs his duties.”
In addition, Sasha is a regular participant of the First IT Aid activity in the center. Unlike other volunteers who help trainees from time to time, Alexander spends two hours each day providing consulting services and practical support to the participants, explaining and showing, for example, how to reinstall operating system or how to adjust the computer.
Alexander actively participates in all of the events of the center and the center team nominated him for the regional contest Volunteer of the Year.
From his early childhood Sasha was enchanted by St. Petersburg and wanted to visit the city. Sasha was planning to continue his higher education in Petersburg, but this meant waiting one more year before visiting the city of his dream. Waiting is the most difficult thing, especially for such a proactive and single-minded person as Sasha.
That when the Tvoy Kurs project helped to make the dream come true. The management of the Tvoy Kurs center sent an appreciation letter to Sasha’s college highlighting his input in DL training of seniors. The college awarded Sasha with a travel voucher and an opportunity to visit St. Petersburg or the Black sea. Sasha did not hesitate and selected a trip to St. Petersburg -the city of his dreams.
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