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16.11.2011 Moscow
District Methodical Center of the Moscow Central District Department of Education
Right on Target

Once she began working at the special needs kindergarten, Svetlana Lisovskaya realized her need for digital technologies, especially since her job was not only to teach the children, but to plan various events and celebrations. Since her own computer skills were limited, she thought it was time to learn, and, for starters, decided to tackle MS Word on her own. She learned to type and edit basic lesson plans and insert images into text, but anything more complicated was beyond her. She then tried to teach herself basic PowerPoint skills, but found it very challenging and couldn’t shake the feeling of incompetence, since many things remained unclear. She was afraid to start her Internet browser and get online: the Internet loomed as something alien and threatening, and she felt she could never feel at home in this vast ‘super space.’

One day a coworker invited Svetlana to sign up for Tvoy Kurs digital literacy training together. Svetlana found the training surprisingly enjoyable and fascinating and in a very short time learned to make PowerPoint presentations, create video clips and develop slide shows. She was amazed to see Digital Literacy study materials available online, so that she and others could make use of them for independent study, review or reference.

Svetlana used digital technologies to develop her presentations for “Giving My Heart to Children,” “The Future Generation” and other contests for educators, making her projects more engaging and visually attractive and winning a number of prizes. Encouraged, she decided to make her own niche in the virtual space, and the Tvoy Kurs Center trainers, who are always ready to assist and answer questions, helped her to develop her own website, learn to administer it, and edit its content.

Svetlana’s website “Looking at the World with Joy” features articles about visually impaired children. At first Svetlana was apprehensive about her ability to administer the site, but it turned out to be simpler than she thought, and ever since its launch the resource has been much appreciated by her colleagues, parents of visually impaired children, and special ed experts and advocates.

In 2011 Svetlana became one of the winners of the contest “Using Digital Technologies.” However the alumna refuses to rest on her laurels. She wants to continue developing her teaching and computing skills and now plans to start a blog and provide online counseling for parents of visually impaired children.

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