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22.10.2011 Naryan-Mar
Nenets boarding school
Young Leader of the Year becomes Tvoy Kurs Volunteer of the Year

High school senior Pavel Koskov from A. P. Pyrerka Nenets boarding school in Naryan Mar is an excellent role model for many of his peers. A recipient of the Presidential Education Award and the winner of the regional Leader of the Year contest, this Tvoy Kurs alumnus trained fourteen people in basic digital literacy skills during the summer vacation that he spent with his family in the tundra village of Indiga.

At school Pavel is in great demand: he is a reporter of the school media center, a DJ and a sound man of the school disco, a leader of the school’s self-government, a winner of many educational contests, an award-winning participant of many city-wide and regional events, a caring mentor for elementary students, and a member both of the Mask theater studio and the Syuykotsya (“Young Deer”) poetry club. One of the first Tvoy Kurs alumni, he has been serving as an assistant coordinator of the school’s Tvoy Kurs Center. He was also one of the first volunteers to respond to the Tvoy Kurs coordinator’s suggestion of holding Digital Literacy training for residents of remote settlements and villages during the summer vacation.

The tundra village of Indiga in Nenets Autonomous Area is located on the Barents Sea, and its residents have first-hand knowledge of information deficit. They get snail mail only twice a week, delivered to them by by plane; the phone connection is less than reliable, and the Internet remains a luxury. Yet local residents try to keep up with the times which includes a growing demand for basic computer skills. A fiber-optic Internet connection is expected to be set up in the nearest future, so computer and Internet skills are gaining popularity.

Pavel had no difficulty recruiting a group of trainees for his Digital Literacy course. His laptop computer with the off-line version of the DL Curriculum had to be literally handed over from person to person, since not all his trainees had a personal computer. In addition Pavel gladly provided his fellow-villages with troubleshooting assistance, going out of his way to help them become competent PC users.

Among the trainees there were people of different ages and professions. Reindeer breeder Pavel Rochev never imagined he would study computer skills let alone take a computer course at home and free of charge. He was followed by his entire family: his wife Anfisa, a nurse with the local hospital, and his son, Tikhon, a student of the school there in Indiga. Another whole family, the Fedorchenkos, also completed the training, successfully passing the final DL test. Upon his return to school, Pavel submitted all the necessary documentation for his trainees to receive Digital Literacy Certificates.

During the first official school meeting of the new academic year Pavel and three other Tvoy Kurs volunteers, who had organized Digital Literacy training in their villages during the summer of 2011, received Digital Literacy certificates, having trained twenty-four people all together. Pavel’s achievement was the most impressive, with fourteen people he had trained, so, along with a Tvoy Kurs T-Shirt for all the volunteer trainers, he also received a handsome bag for his laptop. The young student is excited to continue his volunteer work both at the school’s Tvoy Kurs Center and in his home village which he plans to visit during his winter vacation. He truly deserves to be called the Leader of the Year – and has every right to be called, even if unofficially, the Volunteer of the Year of the Tvoy Kurs Project.
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