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Organization of the Training - Frequently Asked Questions

Can we study the Digital Literacy Curriculum before joining the Project?

For more information about the Digital Literacy Curriculum please click here. There you will also find links to the Curriculum’s individual modules.

What is the role of the trainer? If the main emphasis is on taking the course online, does it mean that the trainer will only need to be someone who is able to turn on the computer, start the appropriate Curriculum module and answer people’s questions? Or do we need to employ a trained educator?

Basically, you will need someone who will be able to answer trainees’ questions, so no, you do not need a trained educator to lead DL courses. The training can be facilitated by the staff of partner organizations or your Center’s alumni. We encourage centers to organize an introductory session teaching new trainees how to use the computer keyboard and mouse and explaining more about how the Digital Literacy course works, and only then launch the course itself.

What are the target groups of the YCDL Project? Are educators, librarians, secondary school and college students included?

Our target groups are people out of work or at risk of unemployment. Currently many people are at this risk, including teachers and librarians. We do not target secondary school students since computer science is part of a standard school curriculum and they can learn ICT skills there.

What does it mean that Centers “will be able to organize ICT training, testing and certification using the Digital Literacy Curriculum”?

It means that Centers will be officially authorized to hold Digital Literacy training and certification as part of Microsoft’s Your Course (Tvoy Kurs) initiative.

Do Centers have to print out YCDL Certificates?
Program Certificates are printed in Moscow and sent out to all partner Centers along with other promo materials.

Who will inform potential participants about the Project?

Usually it’s done locally by our Center coordinators. Typically there is an official launch for the Computer Literacy Center, attended by various partner organizations, stakeholders, local government representatives and mass media. Normally this is sufficient to recruit enough trainees for several months. Many YCDL Centers partner with local employment agencies or other social organizations that refer people to them for training. Also, full information about the Project is available on our website.

How will the statistics of trainees and alumni be maintained?

All the statistical records are kept in the Project’s database. Once your organization joins the Project, your YCDL Center coordinator will receive password protected access to the database.

Will our Center be able to use the Unlimited Potential curriculum or do we have to base our training courses exclusively on the Digital Literacy Curriculum?

You may use the Unlimited Potential Curriculum, but UP courses require a qualified trainer and take more time to complete, so it will be an additional workload for your Center.

When we speak about people trained do we mean only those who have completed Digital Literacy courses or also those who attended seminars?

We mean those who have completed Digital Literacy courses and received Your Course Certificates.

Could you explain more about “holding at least four hours a month of workshops and seminars”? What sort of seminars are we talking about?
Workshops and seminars are aimed at teaching skills relevant for particular target groups with the goal of improving their job seeking skills and employment opportunities, and helping them adapt to the new workplace and improve their job performance. Some of the most popular seminars are Building a Résumé, Online Job Search, Job Interview Skills, Legal Aid Online, Business Plan Basics, Tele-Work, E-Learning Opportunities, etc. Seminar format is determined by your organization depending on the number of available trainers / volunteers. The YCDL Project database (to which all YCDL Center coordinators get password protected access) contains instructional materials (outlines, PowerPoint presentations, recommendations, handouts etc) for some of these seminars.

YCDL Terms and Conditions state that all YCDL training must be free. Is it a strict requirement? We would like to remunerate our trainers, even if only a little.

"Free" means that trainees do not pay for the training. However the costs (or trainers’ remuneration) can be covered by local employers, municipal administrations, etc.

If we decide to become YCDL’s partner organization, will it involve some sort of official agreement?

Yes, all partner organizations sign an official agreement with PH. In the beginning of the year we sign a partnership agreement (similar to MoU) which contains general provisions. In the midyear we sign a donation agreement specifying the sum of the donation based on the organization's involvement in the program.

Can the status of our organization be changed later? If, for instance, now we become a Prime Center, pilot the project in our organization, and later decide to become a Pro Center, or vice versa?

Yes, the status can be changed at any time.
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