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14.06.2012 Krasnoyarsk
320 Krasnoyarsk Region Residents Learn about Online Threat Protection
Untitled Photo On 1 – 5 June 2012, the libraries of Krasnoyarsk region held an online safety campaign for secondary school and vocational school students and their parents. The campaign was coordinated by the Krasnoyarsk Tvoy Kurs Center and included online safety lessons (“Safe Internet,” “Young Internet Users,” My Friend Safe Internet”) and special presentations for parents “Your Children Online” on ten different sites.
02.04.2012 Krasnoyarsk
Get Online Week on the Yenisei Banks
Untitled Photo The Tvoy Kurs Center of the State Academic Library in Krasnoyarsk Area celebrated European Get Online Week with a diverse and interesting program. More than 280 people took part in the campaign. They were of different ages, interests, social and educational backgrounds but had one common goal: to learn as much as possible about the Internet and to begin using the new skills in everyday life.
30.03.2012 Krasnoyarsk
“The First Click”: European Get Online Week in Krasnoyarsk
Untitled Photo During European Get Online Week the Krasnoyarsk Tvoy Kurs Center held a series of First Click workshops, introducing about forty senior citizens, people with disabilities and first-time Internet users to the World Wide Web and its services.

First time Internet users looked at online healthcare and pharmacy services as well as e-government services in housing administration, public utilities and communications. They were able to receive online consultations on various issues and looked up all sorts of things, from authors of old songs and instructions on taking specific medications to the schedule of public entertainment events in the city for the next month.
30.06.2011 Krasnoyarsk
Summer, the Day of the City, and Tvoy Kurs
Untitled Photo On 12 June 2011, experts and volunteers of the Tvoy Kurs Center in the state regional academic library of Krasnoyarsk Area took an active part in the celebration of the Day of Russia and the Day of the City.
06.05.2011 Krasnoyarsk
Krasnoyarsk Area Minister for IT and Communications Teaches E-Government to Senior Citizens
Untitled Photo In honor of Communications Day, the Tvoy Kurs Center of the Krasnoyarsk State Regional Academic Library, Aleksey Turov, the Krasnoyarsk area minister for IT and Communications, held a training session in e-government services for local senior citizens. The seminar was attended by twenty retirees, both alumni holding Digital Literacy certificates, and current Tvoy Kurs trainees.
09.03.2011 Krasnoyarsk
Krasnoyarsk Joins Get Online Week
Untitled Photo During Get Online Week, the Tvoy Kurs: Digital Literacy Center of Krasnoyarsk state academic library held a number of First Click seminars introducing people to basic computer and Internet skills. The seminars were attended by seventy-five trainees including senior citizens, people with disabilities and other first time Internet users.
14.10.2010 Krasnoyarsk
“Check Your Digital Literacy and Get a DL Certificate” Campaign in Krasnoyarsk
Untitled Photo On 6-10 October 2010 года, the Mix-Max Business and Exhibition Center in Krasnoyarsk held a series of celebratory events in honor of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the state academic library of Krasnoyarsk Area.
04.06.2010 Krasnoyarsk
Internet Safety for Children: A Common Concern Calling for Joint Efforts
Untitled Photo On 4 June 2010, Krasnoyarsk area children’s library and the YCDL Center of Krasnoyarsk state academic library held a joint seminar in children’s online safety in honor of the International Children’s Day, widely celebrated on 1 June. The seminar was attended by workers of children’s libraries, teachers and parents who were introduced to legal, psychological and technical aspects of Internet safety. A special emphasis was laid on information security. The topic evoked great interest among the seminar participants and triggered an animated discussion on advisability of libraries providing children with Internet access. During the seminar its participants developed guidelines for working with children of various ages, and librarians received helpful information on organizing and facilitating online safety training for children and their parents using relevant Microsoft materials.
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