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29.01.2012 Moscow
“VisITing Card” Video Contest Announces Winners
The “VisITing Card” Video Contest , aimed at promoting Tvoy Kurs Centers and their work, has announced its winners. The authors of short videos submitted to the contest were asked to tell viewers about their home communities, a typical workday of the local Tvoy Kurs Center and its main achievements, and Tvoy Kurs trainees and alumni.

Six Tvoy Kurs Centers sent in their submissions, with Tvoy Kurs coordinators taking on the roles of script-writers, directors, and often actors; some of them even had to learn cutting and editing techniques and teach themselves how to use video editing software. All the submissions were posted on the Tvoy Kurs website for discussion and voting. The forum also functioned as a discussion platform where everyone could explain their choice and express appreciation for the best videos.

The bravest coordinator who sent in the first “VisITing Card” was Yulia Maksimova (Archangelsk ). Her short video drew the widest response and attracted the most comments.

Ludmila Ulyeva (Volgograd): “Yulia, I was impressed not only with the vistas of Archangelsk (although they did make me want to hop a train and come for a visit!), but your work as well. I have never worked with such challenging target groups and can only imagine how much Tvoy Kurs training means for these people. Without your short video we would never know that the Archangelsk Tvoy Kurs Center works with such dedication and professionalism. You are a hard act to follow.”

Alla Kostishko (Ulyanovsk): “It is truly Herculean effort, working with this category of trainees, and your video demonstrates it so well. Thank you, Yulia! I couldn’t tear myself away from the screen!”

Oksana Zhuzhgova (Voronezh): “Your video is so rich in content and so well made that I can’t think of anything that should be added or cut. Well done! Your social mission is truly precious!”

The second submission came from Alla Kostishko , who took her viewers on a trip to the birthplace of Roly-Poly (or, in Russian, Kolobok) and showed them the many-faceted work of the Tvoy Kurs Center in Ulyanovsk.

“Are you still afraid of computers? Then we are coming to you!” was the slogan of the video presentation submitted by Olga Mikheyeva as the “VisITing Card” of the Tvoy Kurs Center at Togliatti State University.

Olga Kochetkova presented the work of the Tvoy Kurs Center at Volgograd Agricultural Academy in a very professionally made and technically sophisticated video spot.

In her submission Asiya Adiatullina highlighted not only the beauties of her home country of Bashkortostan but also the work of the Tvoy Kurs Center at M. Akmulla Bashkortostan State Pedagogical University.

Finally, Vera Surgutskaya took her viewers around the city of Tomsk and told the story of the Tvoy Kurs Center which transformed the life and work of a regular library.

After the vote of the judges and Tvoy Kurs Center coordinators, the contest announced its winners:

I prize – Archangelsk Tvoy Kurs Center (coordinator Yulia Maksimova)
II prize – the Tvoy Kurs Center of Volgograd State Agricultural Academy (coordinator Olga Kochetkova)

We extend our warm congratulations to the winning Tvoy Kurs Centers and sincere thanks to the winners for their willingness to tell others about their home communities, their Tvoy Kurs activities, successes and discoveries, daily challenges and celebrations. We hope that in the future similar contests will draw a wider circle of participants, who will be only too happy to share their pride in the work of their Tvoy Kurs Centers and their teams.
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