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12.04.2013 Volgograd
GOW 2013 in Volgograd Libraries
Russia took II place in the European Get Online Week 2013, which had the total of 99,051 users: during the week, Russia got 15,342 votes, including the sizable 3,904 votes in 67 libraries of the city of Volgograd, small towns and rural communities of the Volgograd region.
More than 60 libraries of Volgograd region held 140 seminars, training events and presentations for various target audiences, including My Online Journey: Introduction to the Internet, Online Safety and Information Security, Girls and Women Online, ICTs for Work, Study and Social Interaction, Grandparents Online, etc. Several new and exciting seminars were developed for high school students and young people. Local residents had a chance to take the Digital Literacy Test and receive the Digital Literacy Certificate as well as take the Skillage Test and see whether they were ready to get hired. Among the most popular seminars were Online Safety (428 participants), ICTs for Work, Study and Social Interaction (417 participants) and First Click (316 participants). School # 2 in the town of Leninsk offered two My Online Journey: Introduction to the Internet seminars for new and inexperienced users. Two more Volgograd libraries joined the campaign this year: City Library # 8 and M. A. Sholokhov Library # 17, offering a Digital Literacy course for adult users and an online journey based on favorite books for children and teens.

Following the example of young volunteers from Uryupinsky region, student volunteers in Bykovsky, Mikhailovsky, Leninsky regions and the town of Frolovo organized digital literacy classes in local libraries and trained their family members in ICT skills. Aleksandra Marchukova, a student of the teacher training college in Mikhailovka, developed a presentation on Making Money Online for the readers of the town’s central library. She also recruited three of her classmates, who followed suit and trained their grandmothers to use the computer.

The most senior participant of GOW13 in Volgograd was 83-year-old Aleksandr Evgrashin from the town of Elan’: he attended a digital literacy seminar to learn all about e-mail, so that he can better keep in touch with his grandchildren.

The Tvoy Kurs Center in Kamyshin’s Municipal Library # 4 (run and supported by the Tvoy Kurs Center in M. Gorky Central Library in Volgograd) joined GOW13 and held the seminar on E-Citizenship and E-Government Services for ninth-graders of public school # 5. Using the presentations, developed by the Tvoy Kurs team of M. Gorky Library, librarian O. Bus’ko introduced the students to e-government services, emphasizing the role of ICT technologies in young users’ life, demonstrating a wide array of online services available for Russian citizen, and helping the students to get registered on the E-Government Portal. Despite their young age, the students were especially interested in information about online job search and applying for an international passport.
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