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By joining the YCDL (Tvoy Kurs) network in Russia your organization will be able to:

  • become an authorized Tvoy Kurs Center;
  • organize ICT training, testing and certification using the Digital Literacy Curriculum, developed by Microsoft experts in accordance with globally recognized standards of basic computer competence. The Curriculum takes an estimated 10-15 hours to complete; it is an integrated multimedia product that has a user-friendly interface and contains video tutorials, animation, simulation exercises and tests. The Digital Literacy can be taken both independently at home, in the workplace or in a computer lab setting under the guidance of a qualified trainer. In the latter case you will need to hold an introductory session and a mid-course meeting where people can receive necessary assistance and have their questions answered, as well as administer the YCDL Certificate Test and award YCDL Сertificates;
  • access instructional materials for facilitating YCDL courses and other training events aimed at increasing trainees’ employment opportunities;
  • award personal YCDL Сertificates that can be verified on the Project’s website to those who have completed YCDL training and successfully passed the Digital Literacy Certificate Test;
  • apply to Microsoft Software Donation Program and receive free software to upgrade your computer labes (for libraries, non-profits and NGOs only);
  • receive promotional materials for your YCDL Center;
  • post news about the training events held in your YCDL Center and success stories of your alumni on the YCDL Project’s website. Selected success stories will be featured on Microsoft’s global website;
  • participate in YCDL online forums and discuss program-related issues and challenges with colleagues from other regions.
  • receive a donation for charity program activities;
  • receive an additional mini-grant awarded to best YCDL Centers on a competitive basis;
  • have your YCDL Center coordinator and trainers participate in specialized webinars and receive webinar materials.
The YCDL Center network is a lively and growing environment of professional communication that enables its members to get and keep in touch with each other, ask for and receive advice and counsel, share experience and resources, and organize and facilitate joint projects.

In order to join the Tvoy Kurs network, organizations must be committed to:
  • facilitating free ICT training in Digital Literacy Curriculum to the Project’s target groups. Two program options are available: the commitment to assist at least 900 (Premier Centers) or 500 (Pro Centers). Click here to learn more about the Digital Literacy Curriculum;
  • holding at least four hours a month of seminars and workshops aimed at developing skills relevant for particular target groups with the goal of improving their job seeking skills, employment opportunities, adapting to the new workplace and job performance;
  • providing at least eight hours a week of free Internet access for people taking the Digital Literacy Curriculum; and /or looking for employment;
  • keeping statistical records of YCDL course and seminar participants;
  • promoting the Tvoy Kurs Project in the local community through posting information about the Program on information stands and boards and the YCDL website; publishing news and trainees’ success stories on the Project’s website and in various mass media , participating in digital literacy training events and conferences, etc.;
  • participating in the YCDL Center network through Internet forums;
  • appointing the YCDL Center coordinator who will serve as a contact point person for PH, Microsoft, and other partner organizations, and will be in charge of organizing YCDL program events and providing performance reports;
  • holding a formal launch of the YCDL Center with participation of local government bodies, partner organizations and reporters. To join the YCDL Project please fill out our on-line application . Within three days the Project staff will contact you to discuss your organization’s potential participation in the Project.

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