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12.12.2012 Moscow
Winners of the Tvoy Kurs Contest for the Best Youth Volunteer Initiative
Дата объявления финалистов: 12.12.2012
Untitled Photo We finally have the results of the Tvoy Kurs contest for the Best Youth Volunteer Initiative. It was designed to support and promote youth volunteer projects and aimed at ensuring better public access to digital technologies. Each of the presented projects is unique and valuable in its own right and can be implemented in any region of Russia where people have little or no access to digital literacy training. Many thanks to all the contest participants for their submissions!

The winners of the contest are:

1st place: Discover (Volgograd)
2nd place: Inclusive e-Environment (Novokuznetsk)
3rd place: Digital Literacy for Veterans (Togliatti)

(You can learn more about the winning projects by following the links above).

Our congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all the participants. We are in awe of your enthusiasm and your ability to provide effective digital literacy training for people of different ages and backgrounds, to implement volunteer projects, and to get young people involved in this noble undertaking.

Svetlana Lebedeva, the director of the winning project from Novokuznetsk, has written about the importance of such campaigns for Tvoy Kurs volunteers: “Such projects give our young volunteers an additional incentive for self-development and self-actualization and provide them with hands-on training in active citizenship, leadership, ethical thinking, and character development.”

We are certain that you and your young volunteers will go on to conquer new heights and together we will see many interesting and important projects and campaigns, which are now badly needed in Russia’s cities and regions.
05.12.2012 Moscow
“Teach Your Family” Campaign: The Results Are In!
Дата объявления финалистов: 30.11.2012
Untitled Photo Teach Your Family, a contest for volunteers and young Tvoy Kurs trainers, was aimed at empowering young computer users to provide digital literacy training for those who have little access to ICT training, specially targeting senior citizens. Tvoy Kurs coordinators sent in fifteen submissions, telling wonderful stories about their young volunteers who are actively involved in providing digital literacy training for their family members.

The winners of the contest are:

Ilya Malyshkin (Tambov) as The Best Young Trainer
Nika Nikiforova (Balakovo) for Personal Contribution
Angelina Bagriy (Novokuznetsk) for Creative Approach to Training
Timur Ibadov and Maksim Klevtzov (Kaliningrad) as The Best Team
Anastasia Sokolova (Kaliningrad) for Effective Training.

Our congratulations to the winners on their outstanding achievement and their important contributions to addressing the digital gap. We are proud of your success, your creativity and care for those around you, and your active involvement in the public sphere. We hope that in the future you will continue spreading digital literacy and participating in other social campaigns and projects!

We would like to introduce each of the young volunteers personally
01.02.2012 Moscow
Congratulations to the Winners of the Russian Search for Outstanding Telecenter Women Managers 2011
Заявки принимаются до: 30.11.2011
Дата объявления финалистов: 30.01.2012
Untitled Photo The results are in for the Russian Search for Best Center Women Managers, which was part of the Global Search for the 100 Outstanding Telecenter Women Managers, a joint initiative by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and Telecentre.org Foundation. In Russia the competition was run by the Tvoy Kurs Project.

The main objective of this international competition was to recognize the achievements of grassroots telecenter women managers/operators all over the world and the tremendous positive impact they have generated in the lives of others. As we have already announced, all Russian participants of this contest are included in the Global 100 Oustanding Telecentre Managers list

In Russia all coordinators of Tvoy Kurs Centers could vote for their best colleagues, and THE WINNERS ARE:
I place – Irina Kotkina, A. P. Pyrerka Nenets Boarding School, Naryan Mar
II place – Ludmila Ulyeva, M. Gorky Regional Academic Library, Volgograd
III place – Alla Kostishko, Ulyanovsk State University, Ulyanovsk

These three names are well known in the Tvoy Kurs community. These women are active participants – and often initiators – of Tvoy Kurs events, forum discussions, webinars and Skype-conferences. They are well respected in their home communities, and it is largely their efforts that have promoted Tvoy Kurs in their regions, enabling hundreds and thousands of their fellow-citizens to integrate successfully into the modern digital space.

We extend our warmest congratulations to the winners! We are proud to have them as members of our large team who serve as role models of creativity, enthusiasm, willingness to share experience and constant growth and self-development.

Our Winners: Up Close and Personal
29.01.2012 Moscow
“VisITing Card” Video Contest Announces Winners
Заявки принимаются до: 15.12.2011
Дата объявления финалистов: 30.01.2012
Untitled Photo The “VisITing Card” Video Contest , aimed at promoting Tvoy Kurs Centers and their work, has announced its winners. The authors of short videos submitted to the contest were asked to tell viewers about their home communities, about a typical workday of the local Tvoy Kurs Center and its main achievements, and about Tvoy Kurs trainees and alumni. Six Tvoy Kurs Centers sent in their submissions.

According to the vote, the winners of the contest are:

I prize – Archangelsk Tvoy Kurs Center (coordinator Yulia Maksimova)
II prize – the Tvoy Kurs Center of Volgograd State Agricultural Academy (coordinator Olga Kochetkova)

We extend our warm congratulations and sincere thanks to the winners for their willingness to tell others about their home communities, their Tvoy Kurs activities, successes and discoveries, daily challenges and celebrations.
25.01.2012 Moscow
The Best Tvoy Kurs Trainer Contest: The Results Are In!
Дата объявления финалистов: 25.01.2012
Untitled Photo Our figures show that Tvoy Kurs boasts more than 2,000 trainers – or, to be exact, 2,222 trainers registered in our official database as of today. We trust that all of them are people of high responsibility, professional excellence, and a kind and friendly attitude.

We have received fascinating contest applications from many trainers who told us glowing stories about their work and trainees, and shared their successes and frustrations. We are very thankful to everyone who chose to take part in the contest, and since many of you deserve to win, our judges had a rather hard time choosing the very best.

Even though initially we intended to select just one winner, in the end the judges decided to award two best Tvoy Kurs trainers:

I. Anastasia Ershova, Togliatti State University
II. Yulia Zaitseva, Krasnoyark Regional Academic library

Read more about our participants
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