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Russia is a federation, which consists of federal subjects (members of the Federation). Each federal subject belongs to one of the following types:
  • REPUBLICS - nominally autonomous, each has its own constitution, president, and parliament; is represented by the federal government in international affairs; and is meant to be home to a specific ethnic minority;
  • OBLASTS (provinces or regions) - most common type of federal subjects with federally appointed governor and locally elected legislature. Commonly named after their administrative centers;
  • KRAIS (territories) - essentially the same as oblasts. The title "territory" is historic, originally given because they were once considered frontier regions;
  • AUTONOMOUS OBLAST' (autonomous province) - the only autonomous oblast is the Jewish Autonomous Oblast;
  • AUTONOMOUS OKRUGS (autonomous districts) - more autonomous than oblasts but less than republics; usually with substantial or predominant ethnic minority;
  • FEDERAL CITIES (cities under direct jurisdiction of the Federation) - major cities that function as separate regions; they are Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.
The federal districts are a level of administration for the convenience of the federal government of the Russian Federation. They are not the constituent units of Russia (which are the federal subjects). Each district includes several federal subjects and each federal district has a presidential envoy (whose official title is Plenipotentiary Representative). Federal districts' envoys serve as liaisons between the federal subjects and the federal government and are primarily responsible for overseeing the compliance of the federal subjects with the federal laws.
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Premier centers
N City Federal Subject    Federal District    Organization Coordinator Обучено
1 Essentuki Stavropol Krai North Caucasus "Algoritm Plus" Training Center Vladimir Yakovlev 4242 3600
2 Irkutsk Irkutsk Oblast' Siberian Irkutsk Institute for Teachers' Qualification Raising 931 900
3 Kemerovo Kemerovo Oblast' Siberian Kemerovo Regional Academic Library named after Fedorov Tatiana Sysina 4987 500
4 Krasnoyarsk Krasnoyarsk Krai Siberian Krasnoyarsk State Academic Library Tat'yana Verbitskaya 1428 900
5 Moscow Moscow City Central District Methodical Center of the Moscow Central District Department of Education Oksana Valiyeva 326 900
6 Moscow Moscow City Central Institute of Information Technologies Valeriya Stepanova 876 900
Center Branches:
Irkutsk Irkutsk Oblast' Siberian
Kazan Republic of Tatarstan Volga
Khabarovsk Khabarovsk Krai Far Eastern IT Academy Khabarovsk branch Viktoriya Barkhatova
Krasnodar Krasnodar Krai Southern
Krasnoyarsk Krasnoyarsk Krai Siberian IT Academy Siberian branch Ludmila Meltser
Nizhniy Novgorod Nizhni Novgorod Oblast' Volga
Novosibirsk Novosibirsk Oblast' Siberian IT Academy Novosibirsk branch Nataliya Gorina
Perm Perm Krai Volga
Rostov-na-Donu Rostov Oblast' Southern
Saint-Petersburg Saint-Petersburg City Northwestern
Stavropol Stavropol Krai North Caucasus IT Academy Stavropol branch Yuliya Pashyan
Tyumen Tyumen Oblast' Urals IT Academy Tumen branch Irina Prudaeva
Ufa Republic of Bashkortostan Volga
Volgograd Volgograd Oblast' Southern
Voronezh Voronezh Oblast' Central
7 Moscow Moscow City Central Moscow University of Finance and Law (MFUA) Svetlana Serova 1212 900
Center Branches:
Chekhov Moscow Oblast' Central
Kirov Kirov Oblast' Volga
Maloyaroslavets Kaluga Oblast' Central
Novosibirsk Novosibirsk Oblast' Siberian
Orsk Orenburg Oblast' Volga
Podolsk Moscow Oblast' Central
Sergiyev Posad Moscow Oblast' Central
Tver Tver Oblast Central
Ulyanovsk Ulyanovsk Oblast Volga
Vladimir Vladimir Oblast' Central
Volgograd Volgograd Oblast' Southern
Ступино Moscow Oblast' Central
8 Moscow Moscow City Central Moscow Institute for Open Education Irina Meshcheryakova 336 900
9 Novokuznetsk Kemerovo Oblast' Siberian Novokuznetsk Central City Library named in honor of Gogol Svetlana Lebedeva 1795 900
10 Novosibirsk Novosibirsk Oblast' Siberian Novosibirsk Regional Academic Library Kseniya Rezanova 983 900
11 Perm Perm Krai Volga Perm Reginal Library named after Gorky M. Anastasiya Peretyat'ko 1665 900
12 Saratov Saratov Oblast' Volga Saratov State University for Economics and Social Studies Galina Sumina 1092 900
13 Saratov Saratov Oblast' Volga Saratov State University Elena Kudrina 1182 900
14 Tambov Tambov Oblast' Central Tambov City Jewish Community Dina Bryuske 913 900
15 Togliatti Samara Oblast' Volga Togliatti State University Olga Mikheeva 1590 900
16 Volgograd Volgograd Oblast' Southern Volgograd State Agricultural University Arina Bychkova 4505 3600
17 Volgograd Volgograd Oblast' Southern Ludmila Ulyeva 1651
18 Vologda Vologda Oblast' Northwestern Vologda Regional Academic Library Irina Nekrasova 1185 900
19 Voronezh Voronezh Oblast' Central Людмила Бачурина 937 900
20 Voronezh Voronezh Oblast' Central Oksana Grigorenko 397 900
21 Yakutsk Republic of Sakha (Yakutiya) Far Eastern New Information Technologies Center Timofey Kyntoyarov 1058 900
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Pro centers
N City Federal Subject    Federal District    Organization Coordinator Обучено
1 Balakovo Saratov Oblast' Volga Balakovo Municipal Center for Professional Development of Educators Natal'ya Morgunova 527 500
2 Blagoveschensk Amur Oblast' Far Eastern Amurskiy Regional Institute for Teachers' Qualification Raising Antonina Romas 134 500
3 Chelyabinsk Chelyabinsk Oblast' Urals Chelyabinsk Regional Research Library Tatyana Puchinina 528 500
4 Chita Zabaikalskiy Krai Siberian Chita State University Natalia Zabelina 54 500
5 Kaliningrad Kaliningrad Oblast' Northwestern Central City Library Named in Honor of A.P. Chekov Lyudmila Golubyatnikova 531 500
6 Kaliningrad Kaliningrad Oblast' Northwestern "Information Technology" Creative Development Center Tatyana Seredinova 728 500
7 Kirovo-Chepetsk Kirov Oblast' Volga 537 500
8 Magadan Magadan Oblast' Far Eastern North-East State University Irina Zheltova 568 500
9 Magnitogorsk Chelyabinsk Oblast' Urals Magnitogorsk State University Irina Movchan 501 500
10 Mezhdurechensk Kemerovo Oblast' Siberian Mezhdurechensk Information System (City Library) Svetlana Tambovtseva 510 500
11 Nizhniy Novgorod Nizhni Novgorod Oblast' Volga N. Novgorod Heat Supply College Tat'yana Yulova 0 490
12 Orenburg Orenburg Oblast' Volga Orenburg Regional Academic Library in Honor of Krupskaya Natalya Nikitina 680 500
13 Partizansk Primorye Krai Far Eastern Partizansk Centralized Library System Yelena Darbayeva 234 100
14 Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Kamchatka Krai Far Eastern Kamchatka State University Ryazantsev Alexander 142 500
15 Saint-Petersburg Saint-Petersburg City Northwestern Saint Petersburg Children's Library Yuliya Gordeyeva 1478 500
16 Tomsk Tomsk Oblast' Siberian Tomsk Regional Academic Library Vera Surgutskaya 840 100
17 Ufa Republic of Bashkortostan Volga Bashkir State Pedagogical University 770 500
18 Ulyanovsk Ulyanovsk Oblast Volga Ulyanovsk State University Alla Kostishko 660 500
19 Vologda Vologda Oblast' Northwestern Vologda State Teacher Training University Oleg Golubev 534 500
20 Volzhskiy Volgograd Oblast' Southern Lidiya Shlyakhovskaya 559 500
21 Yaroslavl Yaroslavl Oblast' Central Yaroslavl International Business and New Technologies Academy Natalya Shavitova 1019 500
Center Branches:
Ribinsk Yaroslavl Oblast' Central
Uglich Yaroslavl Oblast' Central
Yaroslavl Oblast' Central
22 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Sakhalin Oblast' Far Eastern Sakhalin Regional Academic Library Mariya Samarina 787 500
23 Zheleznogorsk Kursk Oblast' Central City methodical center Yuriy Liventsev 1159 500
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Prime centers
N City Federal Subject    Federal District    Organization Coordinator Обучено
1 Arkhangelsk Arkhangelsk Oblast' Northwestern The Archangelsk Regional Association of NGOs for People with Disabilities Julia Maximova 123 130
2 Bryansk Bryansk Oblast' Central Bryansk Regional Academic Library Elena Martynova 300 300
3 Cheboksary Chuvash Republic Volga National Library of Chuvashia Republic Mariya Shubnikova 389 300
4 Ivanovo Ivanovo Oblast' Central YMCA-Ivanovo Andrey Vershinin 638 300
5 Ivanovo Ivanovo Oblast' Central Ivanovo Center for Informatization and Education Quality Assessment Galina Aver'yanova 49 300
6 Izhevsk Udmurt Republic Volga National Library of Udmurt Republic Galina Shanturova 379 130
7 Kaluga Kaluga Oblast' Central Kaluga State University Natal'ya Kravtsova 307 300
8 Kamensk-Uralskiy Sverdlovsk Oblast' Urals Kamensk-Uralsky Centralized Library System Natal'ya Ovchinnikova 288 300
9 Kemerovo Kemerovo Oblast' Siberian Ol'ga Fomina 208 100
10 Kirov Kirov Oblast' Volga Irina Tupitsyna 28 300
11 Kostroma Kostroma Oblast' Central 418 0
12 Krasnoufimsk Sverdlovsk Oblast' Urals "Paluba" Center for Computer Technologies 288 300
13 Oktyabrskiy Republic of Bashkortostan Volga Oktyabrskiy Centralized Library System Natal'ya Skvortsova 118 300
14 Perm Perm Krai Volga Union of Perm Municipal Libraries Nadezhda Petrova 333 300
15 Saint-Petersburg Saint-Petersburg City Northwestern Rehabilitation Center Yuriy Khudyakov 455 130
16 Saransk Republic of Mordovia Volga Tolstoy Library Natal'ya Shumayeva 345 300
17 Smolensk Smolensk Oblast' Central Novaya Tsefeya Training Center Yuliya Ivanova 78 300
18 Tyumen Tyumen Oblast' Urals Radmira Samitova 733 300
19 Ufa Republic of Bashkortostan Volga Computer Practicum Training Center Mariyat Artyukhova 344 500
20 Ulan-Ude Republic of Buryatia Siberian Central Municipal Library 482 300
21 Ulyanovsk Ulyanovsk Oblast Volga e-Ulyanovsk Training Center Viktor Turkin 369 500
22 Vladivostok Primorye Krai Far Eastern Vladivostok City Centralized Library System Viktoriya Kislenko 377 300
23 Voronezh Voronezh Oblast' Central Voronezh Centralized Library System Oksana Zhuzhgova 506 300
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Plus centers
N City Federal Subject    Federal District    Organization Coordinator Обучено
1 Arsenyev Primorye Krai Far Eastern Arsenyev Centralized Library System Svetlana Kosareva 123 200
2 Krasnoturinsk Sverdlovsk Oblast' Urals Krasnoturyinsk Centralized Library System Irina Bykova 72 80
3 Moscow Moscow City Central Yelena Mel'nikova 0 130
4 Noyabrsk Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District Urals Center for Intellectual Development "Yuventa" Yelena Baranova 678 200
5 Parabel Tomsk Oblast' Siberian Parabel Regional Library Lidiya Zav'yalova 9 50
6 Saratov Saratov Oblast' Volga Saratov regional educational center Olga Zaveryacheva 69 200
7 Yoshkar-Ola Mari El Republic Volga Mari State University Ol'ga Il'ina 233 200
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