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Your Course: Digital Literacy Program (YCDL) was implemented by Microsoft and PH International from February 2010 until Januarz 2013, in collaboration with partner organizations as part of Microsoft’s Your Course (Tvoy Kurs) initiative.

 Why Join?

Russia has opted for innovative development and technological leadership, and information society development is now one of its primary goals. According to the National Strategy for Information Society Development adopted in 2008, building information society and utilizing all of its benefits for the development of the country and its residents has become an important focus of the government’s policy. In this development human resources are clearly as significant as economics, politics and infrastructure. However only 19% of underserved populations in Russia have access to ICTs and an even smaller percentage – to e-learning resources. Addressing the digital divide and developing information society is only possible through united efforts of many diverse stakeholders. Participation in Your Course initiative will enable partner organizations to pioneer digital literacy projects in their home communities by providing ICT skills training based on the Digital Literacy Curriculum which has been widely recognized all over the world and meets the basic requirements of modern ICT-competence. Participation in the YCDL Project could be viewed as part of regional initiatives in information society development. In addition, it can also be an element of regional social programs aimed at helping local residents find employment or/and adapt in difficult life situations.

The Project’s Objective

The YCDL Project seeks to expand people’s access to ICTs and provide community-based training in general IT-competencies and work-related e-skills for successful employment and a better life of underserved population groups. The Project’s primary target groups are unemployed or partially employed job seekers, people at risk of unemployment, low income and low-wage workers, senior citizens and people with disabilities. The YCDL Project seeks to provide these population groups with basic ICT training thus expanding their job seeking and employment opportunities.

Computer Literacy (YCDL) Centers:

• Hold computer courses, training events and seminars including:

o Training courses based on the Digital Literacy Curriculum developed by Microsoft experts in accordance with globally recognized standards of basic computer competence. The Digital Literacy Curriculum is an integrated multimedia product, which consists of five modules and takes the estimated total of 10-15 hours to complete;

o At least four hours a month of seminars and workshops aimed at teaching various skills relevant for particular target groups with the goal of improving their employment opportunities, adapting to the new workplace and improving job performance.

Some of the most popular seminars are Building a Résumé, Online Job Search, Job Interview Skills, Legal Aid Online, Business Plan Basics, Telework, E-Learning Opportunities, etc.

YCDL courses and training seminars are organized and facilitated by YCDL Center coordinators in collaboration with local employers, vocational and retraining institutions and NGOs.

• certify trainees who have taken the course independently and wish to confirm their digital competence. Those who successfully pass the Digital Literacy Certificate Test receive personal YCDL Certificates that bear a unique ID number and can be verified on the Project’s website;

 • provide at least eight hours a week of free Internet access and/or YCDL training courses. This time is also used by YCDL trainees to practice their new e-skills and consult with YCDL Center experts. YCDL Centers also focus on training tutors or trainers who could then facilitate digital literacy training in their home communities.

Who Can Participate?

We invite organizations with existing computer classes or labs, which are already involved in providing computer training for various groups, and wish to make this work more efficient – for instance, NGOs, libraries and educational institutions. In selecting partner organization, the YCDL Project looks at such factors as motivation, accessibility, and adequate facilities and equipment for organizing and holding program events.

Membership Benefits

Upon joining the YCDL network in Russia your organization will be able to
• become an authorized YCDL Center
• organize ICT training and certification using Microsoft’s Digital Literacy Curriculum
• award personal YCDL Certicifates that can be verified on the Project’s website to those who successfully pass the test.

The YCDL Center network is a lively and growing environment of professional communication that enables its members to get and keep in touch with each other, ask for and receive advice and counsel, share experience and resources, and organize and facilitate joint projects.

YCDL’s Terms and Conditions

The Project’s terms and conditions are listed in the Organization Of the Training section.

Becoming a YCDL Member

The project is over, but you can see a full description of YСDL membership terms, find answers to Frequently Asked Questions and an online application in Russian.
Currently the YCDL Project boasts  103 organizations from 72 cities. Don’t miss your chance to become an authorized YCDL Center!
Logo PH International The project is implemented by PH International (Project Harmony, Inc) and Microsoft Corporation under Microsoft’s initiative Your Course (Tvoy Kurs) Logo Microsoft